Produce More vs. Trying for Perfect (+ new designs)

Produce More vs. Trying for Perfect (+ new designs)

Over the past couple of months, I have been watching youtube posts by struthless, an Aussie artist. His videos are fun with exceedingly good advice and observations. The following video link is to one about perfectionism. I found it very I am attempting to go for creating more rather than perfect:

(Note about me: I find it's a lot easier to let go of OC behavior when I'm not working on a design project. ha, ha :o(

Currently I'm working on a honeybee POPupfoldOUT with two design of the bees within the honeycomb with comb cut outs and an overall color palette of warm, "honey" yellows, golds and browns. The second variant opens to reveal bees pollinating lemon blossoms.

And additionally...i.e. In the works are wolves; reindeer (for Christmas); witch + her cauldron....of course, she's popping corn with instructions from her cat; and....and...I don't have a shortage of ideas, it's more about wanting to hold on to the design and sketch stages, really perfect each image however this seems to have diminishing returns and I have had the experience of seeing a rejected image that is fine. So on that note and in an attempt to follow struthless' observations, I'm going to get busy!

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